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An initiation to natural dye techniques on plant-based fabric.

This workshop is a great opportunity to rediscover traditional dyeing techniques while using local and seasonal plants that offer a rich color palette.

During this activity, the plants presented are well-known as they are found in most people’s kitchens, used in traditional medicine, or loved as very iconic flowers.


Their uses in the dyeing process, however, is often a source of surprise. Also, the fact that you can get such vivid final colors from the plants may come as a surprise. The chemical-free materials make this workshop safe and fun for everyone, for adults and children alike.


Also, this workshop is adaptable to people's desires as we propose three approaches for folding and pattern techniques.

- Shibori, the Japanese tie dye techniques.

- Batik, a technique using wax to draw pattern on fabric.

- Freestyle

Duration : 2 hrs

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