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Consulting can be requested at any moment of a garden development. During an on-site visit, we will discuss any issues and possible plans you have for your garden including: plant ID, pest management, and maintenance suggestion.

Consulting is also a great way to decide whether or not you need further help such as design or gardening services.

NTD 1500*

* for 2 hours maximum 


Our design service aims to help you choose the right plants for your space - indoor or outdoor - as well as for your gardening level and availability to take care of the plants. All these elements are key for a successful and sustainable garden design.Each time, we provide a unique design which corresponds to a specific location and fits the urban gardeners' desires and needs.

Quotation on viewing


We offer regular gardening services for setting up gardens as well as comprehensive maintenance services, including watering service during holiday, repotting, and changing containers.


NTD 1000 / hr.


We also propose a tutorial service. 


This is the perfect opportunity for those who need gardening services and would like to learn at the same time. You can help us, learn some essential gardening techniques and ask us questions.

NTD 900 / hr.

Gardening maintenance service.

NTD 900 / hr.

Does not include purchase of new plants or fertilizer

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