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Joining in a workshop is a fun way to learn and try out new skills in a friendly, professional environment.

It is also a great way to meet new people who have similar interests and have a good time together! Our workshops aim to introduce natural or plant-based craft activities as well as gardening tips and techniques suitable for urban environments. We often collaborate with professional organizations such as restaurants, NGOs, and festivals. Our workshops are also suitable for private events with friends or families.

As we are constantly looking for new ideas in order to reconnect city dwellers with nature, we are open to any suggestions and can help you to set up your own series of workshops.


also available for private and company events

learn how to make a kokedama during our workshop


Duration: 1 hr


Natural dye

Duration: 2 hrs

Herb gardening in containers learn touch smell and taste fresh herbs

Herb garden

Duration: 2 hrs

learn how to make a kokedama during our workshop

Christmas Wreath

Duration: 2 hrs

Sustainabe flower crown made with unsold flowers / perfect for festival

Flower crown

Duration: 1hr

Lear the different ways to set up and use a compost in urban environments

Compost in the city

Duration: 2 hrs

Indoor Plants for busy plant killers

Indoor plants

Duration: 2 hrs

Desert plants and colored sand terrarium workshop

Cactus terrarium

Duration: 2 hrs

Learn how to choose the rigt container and make lasagna gardening


Duration: 2 hrs

 light shade _ anyone knows what that re

Autumn vegetables

Duration: 2 hrs

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