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Taipei Daan 2017

In the backyard of the excellent and original restaurant Naked Food, the jungle has found a home. The shady garden lets a number of edible plants cohabit with the emblematic subtropical plants.
The challenge was to find edible plants that could not only grow easily in a partly shaded/full shade environment but could also be harvested for the restaurant's purposes. 
The taro plant is one of the main edibles here surrounded by papaya trees, ginger, turmeric, and hanging red and green malabar spinach. 
In term of aestheticism, we tried to keep a jungle ambiance while giving it structure. We used bamboo baskets for half circle planters giving the area a warm and wooden patterned feel. The baskets were also used for creating vertical gardens in which many ferns were grown. 
The white of the trellis and the hanging macrame provided an elegant and bright touch to this feminine but dark jungle. 

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