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Did you know that plants in an office can have a significant impact on employees and customers?

They not only reduce stress but also increase productivity, creativity and, clean the air!
Even though many of us have heard this before, our working spaces still remain grey with too little green which is often dying or made of plastic.

This is why we have made this workshop!
No need to be an experienced gardener, we will share with you a simple and clear knowledge about indoor plants so you can keep your office green and lush on the long-term.


During this workshop, you will learn :

  • Plants essential: What do plants need and what are the most common mistakes made with indoor plants.

  • Plants in office benefits: All the benefits of having plants in a working space

  • Light needs for indoor plants: A list of the hardiest indoor plants will be provided to each participant

  • Choosing and Potting plants: Pick a couple of plants and let's re-pot them together!

  • Indoor plants care: Tips and advice to take care of your office plants

Duration : Around 3 hrs

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